George Kennedy

Solo Exhibition

Despard Gallery is proud to host the inaugural solo exhibition by emerging Tasmanian artist George Kennedy. This new body of paintings will continues Kennedy’s exploration into the fringe areas of the Tasmanian landscape, where the expansion of urbanisation encroaches on natural spaces.

Through paint Kennedy captures the energy and entanglement one feels when experiencing the growing density of suburban housing. Kennedy is particularly drawn to the boundaries of where the manmade and organic converge. Through energetic lines and bold colour, Kennedy interprets these marginal spaces, responding to how we navigate the material and natural environment.  Combining abstraction and figuration, each composition captures the changing stability of these areas, visualising spaces that elude easy categorisation or representation. At the heart of Kennedy’s practice is an intuitive approach, developing a visual language that evokes a sense of transition, moments of clarity and structure, which shift into vigorous turbulence.

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