Glen Clarke

An Animistic Dialectic

24 June –  18 July

Despard Gallery is excited to present An Animistic Dialectica solo exhibition by establish contemporary sculptor Glen Clarke.

Glen Clarke’s practice expands the field of contemporary sculpture through intricate collage-based works that combine folded banknotes and precise colourful cut-outs of various military hardware.  Elements are meticulously arranged to resemble mandalas, echoing spiritual Buddhist symbols that signify infinity, harmony and wholeness.  Each work considers these religious and political themes in contrast to the hostilities of war, folded and cut elements denoting the perilous balance between the profits and loss attributed to war.

Between 2007 and 2011, I lived and researched in Vientiane, Lao PDR, focusing on UXO’s (UnExploded Ordnance) along The Ho Chi Minh Trail.  This experience provided a deeper understanding of the methodologies and technologies of modern warfare.  During this time, I became fascinated with both Buddhism and Animism, learning directly from the community Sharman and the Nay-Ban.  Awareness gained around the rituals, ceremonies and symbolism that unearth spiritual meaning have provided me with a more inclusive way of seeing.

On returning to Australia, I was most fortunate to work and live with a unique group of Indigenous Artists from the East Kimberley. Teachings gained from Indigenous Elders continue to enrich my sense of aestheticism and sculptural experimentation.  A belief, respect and fascination for a Contemporary Animism in Australian Culture continues to influence and layer my work with bigger questions. Glen Clarke








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