Graham Lang

Finding Form

8 March – 1 April 2023

Despard Gallery is proud to host the fifth solo exhibition, Finding Form, by established Tasmanian artist Graham Lang, presenting a new suite of paintings and sculptures.

Based in the Huon Valley, Tasmania, Lang’s multidisciplinary practice spans over four decades. Principally biographical, his paintings and sculptures respond to the unfolding passage of personal experiences. Steered by intuition and material processes, his work conveys a restless balance of external and internal realities, where physical and emotional states become fused.

The innate fluidity of his medium allows Lang to combine concept and technique through naturally evolving compositions. This includes exploring personal ideologies in connection to migration, cultural dislocation and mortality. As such, strange juxtapositions within Lang’s work often emerge, signifying how life can be complex, unpredictable and often composed of contradictions. His raw depictions of solitary figures, animals and ethereal beings are visceral, hypnotic and sophisticated. By visually encapsulating such intangible emotional states, Lang provides deeper, universal insight into the human condition, opening a portal into our ‘material suffering and spiritual survival’.

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