Harrison Bowe

Solo Exhibition

Despard Gallery is proud to present the second solo exhibition by emerging Tasmanian artist Harrison Bowe, presenting a suite of paintings capturing the unique terrain of the Gordon River, located in the remote mountainous area of loinnekumme, south-west lutruwita / Tasmaina.  Bowe’s work responds to the experience of navigating this terrain first-hand, using paint to recall the magnitude of these spaces and the ethereal experiences they can elicit.

Initially mapped out with spray paint, the surface of each painting is built up through thick layers of enamel, oil paint and beeswax, carved out with various sized palette knifes. This physical, yet sensitive use of mediums, results in a surface that is both tactile and complex, contrasting rich texture against subtle gradients. As such, each painting is raw and immersive, drawing us into its receding depths through an infinite gamut of tone.

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HARRISON BOWE – Island in the sky oil and beeswax on linen 168 x 274cm 2024