Helen Hopcroft ‘My Year as A Fairytale’

Despard artist Helen Hopcroft dressing a year long as Marie Antoinette!

Helen Hopcroft 'My Year as A Fairy Tale'

Despard artist Helen Hopcroft, will spend a year dressed as Marie Antoinette in an effort to boost Arts and Culture in Maitland, NSW.

For one year from 1st May, 2017, she will dress in historically accurate costume day and night as Marie Antoinette, and go about her everyday life in Maitland, a regional NSW town.

‘I will be going about my daily life including doing the school run, visiting the gym and supermarket, working and attending social events, all while wearing the extravagant costume of late 18th century France.’ Helen Hopcroft

Helen’s project interwtines perfectly with her new upcoming show, together with Bertie Blackman, here at Despard, opening 3th of May. We can’t wait to see Helen at the opening in full Marie Antoinette gear!

Watch video of Helen’s ‘My Year as A Fairy Tale’


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