Josh Andree & Liam Ross Baker

Young Bloods

31 May – 24 June 2023

Now in its third iteration, Despard Gallery’s Young Bloods exhibition acts as the next big step in supporting our newest emerging artists, providing a platform to help drive their careers on the commercial stage by introducing their work to new audiences. This year we are proud to showcase the work of artists Joshua Andree and Liam Ross Baker. 
Steered by a commitment to promote artists, over the last thirty-six years Despard Gallery has built a reputation as a cultural ambassador for Tasmania, sharing the work of our stable with national and international audiences.  We are honoured every time we get to share new contemporary artworks, no more so than of our younger artists.  As part of this commitment, Despard Gallery strives to champion Tasmania’s emerging talent and recent fine art graduates, supported through collaborative projects, curatorial and creative mentorships, as well as professional exhibition opportunities.  

Both in the early stages of their careers, Andree and Baker demonstrate an exceptionally high standard of artistry, professionalism and creative passion. As young and politically engaged creatives, Andree and Baker both provide original contributions to the discourse of contemporary Tasmanian painting, offering original perspectives and unique aesthetic interpretations. Underlying the artistic approaches of both Andree and Baker is the use of creative practice to question our sense of place, examining the psychology of the Tasmanian landscape and broader cultural anxieties, whist paying heed to the complex historical legacy of colonisation. As such, both artists remind us of the dualities that persist across contemporary Australia, their work capturing the uncanny nature of the familiar and a sense of unease from being stretched between both comfort and fear. Overall, Andree and Baker use paint to challenge how we view and make sense of the world, helping to establish a more educated notion of place whilst informing a sense of self.  

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