Micheila Petersfield

Solo Exhibition - Personae

3 – 27 April 0024

Despard Gallery is proud to host solo exhibition by contemporary Tasmanian artist Micheila Petersfield.  

Personae will present a new suit of painted self-portraits by Petersfield, critiquing the idealised portrayal of women in popular media through subversive interpretations of familiar feminine tropes.

Borrowing from the tailored aesthetics of popular media and fashion imagery, Petersfield presents a new suite of paintings that critique thetransformative world of self-imaging, including the role of costumes, colour and pose to adopt multiple personas. Combining elements of Pop Art, retro patterning and colour, Petersfield pays homage to cinema and women’s magazines from 1960’s and 1970’s, reimagining their seductive visual qualities through glossy surfaces and hyper-realistic saturation.

Meticulously rendered, each painting is characterised by its flawless finish, amplifying its superficial appearance and camp performative qualities. However, closer inspection reveals an undertone of the uncanny and surreal, suggesting its carefully fabricated cosmetic veneer is on the edge of collapse, poised to reveal a hidden narrative.

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