Painters on Pots

Special Upcoming Exhibition

17 August – 10 September 2022

Despard Gallery is pleased to announce a very special upcoming exhibition of young Tasmanian painters expanding their creative practice through the medium of ceramics.

With no previous experience in working with this medium, artists Maggie Jeffries, George Kennedy, Harrison Bowe, Zoe Grey and Sam Field from the Despard Gallery stable, have been invited to embark on this exciting and challenging opportunity.

Following a series of workshops, learning under the expert guidance of master ceramic artist Zsolt Faludi, each artist will present a suite of ceramics pieces alongside a curated section new works from their painting practice.

This unique exhibition follows in the traditions of many Australian painters who stepped away of the limitations of sticking exclusively to a singular discipline of creative expression.  Each of our artists will have the opportunity to work both collaboratively with Faludi, as well as pursue their own three dimensional ambitions.  Without being constrained by any preconceived formalities around the medium, we are excited to see how each artist takes to the challenge and the vessels that are conceived as a result.

At the core of the exhibition will be dynamic visual interaction that bounces between pencil and brush, and the realm of sculpture.  As noted by Olivia Fuller, on writing about Brett Whiteley and his own experiments in ceramics, ‘It is through this dialogue that the two mediums correlate and harmonise, with discoveries in one form finding their expression in the other’.

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