Penny Burnett – Jeju, South Korea

IAa Artspace Residency Exhibition


After returning from her international arts residency on the island of Jeju, SouthKorea, Penny Burnett is now participating in a group show at Artspace IAa, with other international artist residency recipients. Congratulations Penny on this wonderful achievement and we look forward to seeing how this experience will shape future work.

“This suite of works I produced whilst on the island all resulted from deeply significant moments for me. Each of these paintings have a personal backstory. At first glance they could be read as a snapshot in time, yet they represent a larger narrative and a combination of several perspectives and moments. The iPad drawing videos reveal some of the process of searching the site, where the high-speed video of my digital drawings shows my artistic experience on site in just a few minutes.  My focus during this residency was to explore how we perceive a site, investigating the moment we transition from looking to experiencing. With the ever-increasing tourism market on this island paradise, I wished to creatively enrich my experience of place, rather than simply a being a visitor.” Penny Burnett 2019