Zoe Grey

Solo Exhibition

Could You Ever Know Every Fold In The Mountain?

26 June – 20 July 2024

OPENING EVENT – Friday 28 June from 5:30pm

Guest Speaker Caine Chennatt – Director, Curatorial & Cultural Collections, University of Tasmania.

Despard Gallery is proud to host solo exhibition Could You Ever Know Every Fold In The Mountain? by early career Tasmanian artist Zoe Grey.  

Through painting, drawing and ceramics, Grey has put together a multi-layered new body of work that reflects on recent artist residencies on the Norwegian islands of Svalbard and Lofoten, including how learned knowledge derived from these profound new experiences inform deeper understanding of places that are familiar and personally significant.  This includes Grey’s life-long connection held with the rugged rocks, fierce winds and booming swell of Marrawah, a remote coastal community on the northwest edge of Tasmania, where she grew up. 

From her studio in Nipaluna/Hobart, Grey works intuitively, each composition built up through a combination of bold painterly gestures, blocks of colour and considered mark-making, using abstraction to deliberately push the conventions of landscape painting.  At the heart of Grey’s practice is using paint to better understand the complexities behind personal bonds to place and how it can play a key role in defining identity, visually describing how these felt relationships peak and fade.

Her fourth solo exhibition with Despard Gallery, Could You Ever Know Every Fold In The Mountain? captures how not only we experiences the landscape, but how it plays a key role in defining identity.  Through these bold abstracted landscapes, Grey uses paint to visualise the sensations, ambience and textures that define her experiences of place, and in doing so, nurture and preserve her emotional tethers.

With work that is both sensitive, yet raw and honest, Grey’s exhibition contributes to the evolving conversation around our post-colonial relationship to the landscape, questioning how new connections to place can be made through experiences of significance but can also help to cement those that are most valued.

Artist in Conversation

Please join us to help celebrate the last day of Zoe Grey’s 2024 solo exhibition with a special ‘Artist In Conversation’, where you can hear Grey discuss the ideas and narratives behind her new body of work. Zoe will reflecting on recent artist residencies in Norway and how such experiences have influenced her practice and has helped build new a perspective towards the contemporary interpretation of the Tasmanian Landscape.  Zoe will also be available to answer questions and talk directly with attendees.

Saturday 20 July 2024 – 11am [coffee and tea provided]