Sam Field

Have One On Me

22 August – 16 September 2018

Opening Wednesday 22 August 5.30pm

Sam Field’s first solo exhibition at Despard Gallery, together with sculptures by designer maker Sara Lindsay. 

” My paintings fill the interstices in Australia’s timeline between settlement and the present. They are depictions of a clichéd cultural narrative that runs obliquely beside that great unknown, true history. Based on my own life and experiences they portray places I’ve visited, histories I’ve read and stories I’ve been told. They are depictions of the tired, lonely, romanticised old landscape that I grew up with, yet am finding difficult to find. Ultimately the worlds of the past and the present cross over. Time periods fold in and out of one another in a constant state of repetition and reinvention. Nothing really changes. The beer swilling, lung busting days of the worlds’ only grog related coup d’état are barely past. I suppose that’s the aim of my works. To pay homage to the absurdity of our national mythology and present the past we know as both contemporaneous and as an historical ideology.” Sam Field, May 2018

Sara Lindsay explores speculative object making through critical engagement, with the process of making leading to permutations of geometric forms. This phenomenological approach privileges engagement with materials and process over outcomes, leading to the creation of objects that celebrate making. Making is used as a way of making sense, through following a non-goal orientated process, examining and critically applying intuitive decisions. Objects absorb the ideas, thoughts and musings of the maker as they are created, making them loaded, charged, and potent objects that speak about the circumstance of their making.

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Sam Field


Sara Lindsay

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