Joshua Andree

Joshua Andree is an emerging artist based in nipaluna / Hobart.  Andree’s practice depicts the coastal regions of lutruwita / Tasmania, using paint to explore the shifting space within the landscape where the sky, land and sea converge.  Using a low-key palette, subtle gradients and silhouetted foregrounds, Andree’s work captures the ambience of the island environment and its oceanic surrounds.

Delicately executed, each composition evokes the immersive experience that underpins these unique spaces. Through the suggestion of changing weather and fading light, Andree depicts the environment in a state of transition, capturing both an endless sense of depth and time.  During this twilight period the familiar elements of the landscape start to fade, including the horizon line and the sense of hope and possibility that it often represents.  Andree’s paintings identify how during this moment, the visible and hidden begin to entwine, allowing the understood world to become hidden and the darkness to reveal meaning beyond ordinary perception. Drawing from the traditions of romantic artists from the 19th century, Andree offers up a painterly interpretation that heeds the dark psychology of the Tasmanian landscape, including its complex history and how this continues to shape our understanding of place.  As such, Andree’s paintings remind us of the dualities with landscape, allowing us to experience being stretched between both comfort and fear, but also the conflict of light and dark within oneself.

Joshua Andree completed a Bachelor of Fine Art with honours at the University of Tasmania in 2015. Alongside exhibiting regularly in solo and group shows, Andree has been a finalist multiple times in the RACT Tasmanian Portrait Prize and Henry Jones Art Prize, In 2021 Andree was a finalist in the prestigious Glover Prize and the following year hung in Tidal Art Award hosted by the Devonport Regional Gallery.