Lucia Usmiani

The intricate work of Lucia Usmiani subtly challenges us to engage with the journeys behind her creations. She employs, almost exclusively, used materials discarded by others when utility is considered spent. Intercepting rubbish destined for the tip or recycling plant, Usmiani lovingly and obsessively transforms waste into the raw material of fine art; through her labour the life cycle of industrially produced goods are extended and society’s refuse is manually transformed into precious and desirable objects of beauty.

Lucia Usmiani obtained a Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Art from the University of Tasmania in 2006. Her practice employs a broad array of media and ranges from two-dimensional work to large outdoor installation. She has been exhibiting widely in Tasmania and nationally since 2000 and has shown at such major galleries as Heidi Museum of Modern Art (2006), The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (2004) and CAST (2002). In 2007 Usmiani was the recipient of the Redlands Westpac Art Prize, Nominated Artist category. Happy Holidays marks Usmiani’s second Solo Show with Despard Gallery, Hobart.
-excerpt from Bec Tudor’s essay of 2008