Glen Clarke

Glen Clarke’s collages and paintings are intricately constructed from delicately folded currency and precisely cut out images of wars machinery and military hardware. Each component is then assembled into a tapestry of the symbolism behind war from the artists perspective – each folded note, cut out plane, tanker, helicopter and ship tells a story of the profits and losses attributed to war.

Glen Clarke’s practice is centred on the fundamentals of sculpture; the artist strikes a balance between forms that are created and ones that are cut out. His focus is the concept of the void, and has been an integral inspiration for over a decade, akin to a long irresolvable obsession.

Since 2003 Glen Clarke has been involved with the non-profit organisation PROJECT RENEW in Quang Tri Province central Vietnam and MAG, Mines Advisory Group Laos. Their primary objectives are Mine Risk Education (MRE) and to clear Quang Tri & Quang Bình Province and the neighboring Ho Chi Minh Trail on the Laos-Viet boarder of Unexploded ordinances. Clarke was the last winner of the National Sculpture prize in 2006 with his work American crater near Hanoi #2 2005. His work is held in collections throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific notably the Australian War Memorial and the National Gallery of Australia (Canberra).

Video of Glen Clarke’s work on the Hong Kong Art Fair 2016!